Flowers of Bad

Not all of the more than 130 poems in Flowers of Bad are Flurries of Mailappearing for the first time in this volume. Dirty Mom coverThe first twenty poems were published in 1991 as Flurries of Mail by Mbira Press, a small press my friend Paul Dean was running at the time. In 1998, Unbelievable Alligator published Dirty Mom, a collection of about 20 more translations from Les Fleurs du Mal. In 2003, Portable Press at Yo-Yo Labs published Le Voyage, Le Voyage coverpairing my false translation of Baudelaire's lengthy poem in several parts of the same title with full-page photographs by Brenda Iijima. Only 31 copies were printed.

Some of the poems have also appeared in print magazines and journals as well as those of the online variety. Below, a few of the poems that have appeared online have been gathered for your perusal.

This Anti-Terror Life: III, appeared in The East Village
To Santa Claus, appeared in The Poetry Project: Poets and Poems
Le Chat, appeared in can we have our ball back
Fer Yelluh, appeared in Transcendental Friend: Bestiary
In The Stocking Factory, appeared in The Brooklyn Review Online